Here you will find a series of recommendations that may help you with your business. As well as a short audio explanation to learn more about the resource.





Coaching Resources

  • Strategic Coach - Excellent non-podiatry-specific group coaching format. Here is a starter pack you can get to get started.
  • Strategic Coach - Books - Here are some great books to get your creative juices flowing
  • Strategic Coach - Webinars - Here are some webinars to learn about topics to help improve your life and business

Efficiency Tools

  • Todoist - Great way remember to call patients and do stuff

  • Calendly - Great method to schedule out meetings and interviews for a podcast

  • Follow-Up Then - This is a great tool to reduce your inbox overwhelm

  • Schedule Send - Function on Gmail and other platforms to send an email later
  • Email Templates - This is a function on Gmail to send a premade message over and over again

  • Gatekeeper - This is great and makes it so you don't have to log in to your computer hundreds of times a day

Marketing Educational Resources

  • Jay Abraham - A great place to start to learn about marketing. Lots of great free content.
  • I Love Marketing - Great podcast to learn more about marketing. 
  • Magnetic Marketing - Marketing ideas with Dan Kennedy he also has some great books.

Outsourcing & Virtual Assistant


Marketing Tactical Resources

  • Designerr - This is a great way to make ebooks and transcribe videos and audios into lead magnets. 
  • Active Campaign - Good for email marketing and drip campaigns
  • ClickSend - An easy way to send out letters and emails to patients
  • Duct Tape Marketing - Here are some great tips for marketing.
  • Infusionsoft (Keap) - Comprehensive marketing solution for email, letters, and sequencing
  • NewsletterPro - Great resource for print newsletter done for you

Networking Resources

  • BNI - Great local opportunity to share about your practice
  • Chamber of Commerce - Local business group to help get recognition in the community

Patient Education

  • Designerr - This is a great way to make ebooks and transcribe videos and audios into educational content. 
  • Patient Education Genius - Great way to share patient education documents, videos, and links and get online reviews

Social Media Resources

  • Hootsuite - Easy way to program and stream content to multiple sources

Video Editing and Streaming

  • Loom - Easy way to record short videos to explain things
  • Auphonic - Great website to work with sound levels and podcasting
  • Screencastify - Easy way to record your screen from your Google Chrome browser
  • Stream Yard - Easy way to stream directly to YouTube
  • Vidyard - Easy way to edit your videos online
  • Zoom - Easy way to record videos and then upload them to YouTube

Website Resources

  • Kajabi - A great option for a membership site or office website

  • OhMD - Adding chat and texting to website
  • PatientPop - Website that can help you get online booking and reviews
  • Elfsight - This is a great App to add easy Apps to your website for example to show your Google Reviews. 
  • Podiatry Growth - Great resources to help practice growth with website

Practice Management Websites