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  • Course 1 - 30-Day Practice Blueprint will help you systematically improve your practice at a guided pace for 30 days ($3,000 Value)
  • Course 2 - Webinars for Patient Engagement and Profit will show you examples and guide you step-by-step to set up your own webinars and offer them to your patients ($3,000 Value)
  • Course 3 - Patient Presentations walks you through how to make and start using presentations in your practice. Get all my slides that you can use to generate thousands of dollars of more revenue each month. ($7,500 Value)

BONUS Masterclasses with video recordings and slides of live presentations ($3,000 Value)
10X Your Google Reviews ($1,000 Value)
BONUS 3 - The Best Interviews ($1,000 Value)
BONUS 4 - Resident Resources, including contracts and lectures ($1,000 Value)
 - Unlimited Email Support ($1,000 Value)

TOTAL VALUE: $20,500


The Practice Mastery Academy program comes with a no-questions-asked 60-day money-back guarantee. 

Go ahead - go through the course, check out the bonuses, follow the steps, put in the work, and if you don’t love it in the first 60 days of your purchase, send me an email, and I’ll refund you immediately. No questions asked, no hard feelings. If you aren't happy, I don't deserve your money. It's that simple.



What People Are Saying:

Pragmatic. Purposeful. Practical. Pelto. Don freely gives of his time and experience to discuss how he has developed his business across several different levels and platforms. Not only are the successful implementations highlighted, but the less effective ones are also mentioned. Much of what is presented here can be applied to business operations, and Dr. Pelto shares how he has done this for himself, often with direct links. Thanks, Don.

Elan Silver

I am very excited about the material you have available on the site. It is obvious you have put a lot of time and energy into creating this material. It is very professional, and point on. I could not stop when I sat down and started listening to the presentations. I look forward to incorporating some of these into our practice this week, on a trial basis. I think everyone will be pleased. Your website is a valuable resource, I am confident it will be the "go-to site" for podiatrists in the future. Your development of this material is priceless.

Rhonda Ballinger

Here is my confession: I don’t really like practice management. I have had a Podiatry practice for 28 years and I’ve done OK but in the age of social media, internet reviews, physician ratings, and websites, you can’t escape the necessity to do it. I am taking a 30-day practice blueprint and incorporating it into my office. Thanks, Don for your practical tips and advice. I have already started implementing some of the concepts into my office and hope to continue to do so. Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Thanks, Dr. Pelto!

Bill Johncock, DPM

Your treatment protocols were very concise and the visual for the patient was excellent. I also fully appreciate the videos that you recommend. With modern technology, we can do so much more. A lot of our patients are visual learners so being able to see the treatment plan and the expectation is an excellent recommendation. Your canned script was also excellent because we often struggle with words when sharing products. Also, the expectation explanation that you give to your patience was really powerful. I think it’s good to establish healthy expectations and relationships but verbalizing them makes it even more powerful.

Suzette Clements, DPM

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