Are you happy with your podiatry practice?

If you’re like most podiatrists, you’re working too many hours for not enough money. You feel like you’re on a hamster wheel.


You have to keep sprinting, or everything will fall apart.

But you’re tired, and you want to spend more time with your family. I know exactly how you feel because just a few years ago, I was in the same situation. Then I discovered a new way to run my practice, and my life changed forever.

My name is Don Pelto

 I’m a full-time podiatrist in Worcester, Massachusetts. I know how frustrating it is to scramble to find new patients, get more reviews, and increase revenues without burning yourself out.

Over the past several years, I’ve helped many doctors just like you transform their practices. I can help you work fewer hours, attract more patients, and automate soliciting positive reviews, while dramatically increasing your revenues.

My process is not a get-rich-quick-scheme or a mindset miracle where you magically manifest wealth. Instead, I show you how to build efficient, automated, and proven practice management systems. I also give you all the raw materials you need to create webinars and patient presentations that will keep your practice booked-up for months to come.

My Podiatry Practice Mastery membership program shows you step-by-step how to hop off the hamster wheel and organize your practice for maximum profit while minimizing the amount of time you spend on administrative tasks.

Most importantly, it is designed specifically for podiatrists.

When you become a member, you automatically get access to my 30-Day Practice Blueprint, my Webinars for Patient Engagement and Profit course, and my Patient Presentations course.

Each of these resources is a series of videos you can stream online whenever it works best for your schedule. Each module is short and filled with actionable steps you can take right away to transform your practice.


Let me show you the tactics and strategies

You need to build a podiatry practice you love working in, and that allows you to live the life you’ve always wanted.



Here's What Others Have To Say About This

Suzette Clements, DPM

Your treatment protocols were very concise and the visual for the patient was excellent. I also fully appreciate the videos that you recommend. With modern technology, we can do so much more. A lot of our patients are visual learners so being able to see the treatment plan and the expectation is an excellent recommendation. Your canned script was also excellent because we often struggle with words when sharing products. Also, the expectation explanation that you give to your patience was really powerful. I think it’s good to establish healthy expectations and relationships but verbalizing them makes it even more powerful.

Elan Silver

Pragmatic. Purposeful. Practical. Pelto. Don freely gives of his time and experience to discuss how he has developed his business across several different levels and platforms. Not only are the successful implementations highlighted, but the less effective ones are also mentioned. Much of what is presented here can be applied to business operations, and Dr. Pelto shares how he has done this for himself, often with direct links. Thanks, Don.

Bill Johncock, DPM

Here is my confession: I don’t really like practice management. I have had a Podiatry practice for 28 years and I’ve done OK but in the age of social media, internet reviews, physician ratings, and websites, you can’t escape the necessity to do it. I am taking a 30-day practice blueprint and incorporating it into my office. Thanks, Don for your practical tips and advice. I have already started implementing some of the concepts into my office and hope to continue to do so. Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Thanks, Dr. Pelto!

Dear Fellow Podiatrist,

Look no further for a way to improve your practice! The insights shared here will not only save you countless hours but also contribute thousands of dollars to your practice every week! 

Whether you want to elevate your practice or train a new associate, this is the best option to learn remotely without taking time out of your current practice. 

You can learn on your own terms and see instant results in your practice.


How will Practice Mastery Academy help me?

  • Maximize your income with existing patients.
  • Boost workplace efficiency and improve work-life balance.
  • Enhance your job satisfaction.
  • Learn as a new practitioner how to treat your patient’s profitability. 


What is Practice Mastery Academy? 

Practice Mastery Academy is an online course that gives you the tools and proven systems to create a profitable practice you love.


What is inside Practice Mastery Academy?

Included, you will find three courses and bonus content.

  • Course 1 - 30-Day Practice Blueprint & Bonus Content ($3,000 Value)
  • Course 2 - Webinars for Patient Engagement and Profit ($3,000 Value)
  • Course 3 - Patient Presentations ($7,500 Value) 


Course 1 - 30-Day Practice Blueprint ($3,000 Value)

This course will cover marketing and practice management topics with videos all under 15 minutes and downloadable resources to utilize when you are out and about. 

For those who enjoy listening to podcasts on your drive or are constantly on the move, the app is a great resource to follow this course wherever you might be.  

Day 1 - Three Ways To Grow Your Practice

We will go over the three specific ways to help your practice grow and how to focus on each of them. Growing your practice is simple, and these three aspects will make everything easier. 

Day 2 - Before, During, and After

You will learn about the entire patient experience and be given tips for improving your patient’s experience. There are specific techniques to make each more successful and give your patients a great experience. 

Day 3 - Patient Presentations

You will learn how to start using PowerPoints or Google Slides in your practice to simplify your patient presentations and improve acceptance of your recommendations. This is a primer for the Patient Presentations course included in Practice Mastery Academy. 

Day 4 - Patient Videos 

You will learn how to record your first video and use YouTube effectively for patient education and marketing. 

Day 5 - Practice Webinars

Webinars can be used as a helpful resource to not only teach your current patients but also to educate new patients with the same conditions. This is a primer for the Patient Webinars course in Practice Mastery Academy. 

Day 6 - Writing Your First Book

You will be given tips for writing a book and using it to effectively market your practice. Even if you are super busy in private practice you can write a book in your downtime and find someone to design it easily. 

Day 7 - Building Your List

You will learn the importance of building your email list and how to continue to remain in touch with patients via email. This is the #1 way to get your current patients back in your office and is the greatest reason for lost revenue in practices. 

Day 8 - Nurture Your List 

You will learn proper ways to give valuable content to those that subscribe to your email and you will get tips for busy doctors to create easy and beneficial content for your patients. 

Day 9 - Using YouTube

You will learn how to use YouTube for current patients and to get new patients in your office. You will also learn how to film videos and about the technology needed to do so. 

Day 10 - Easily Making Videos

You will learn how to make videos while at the office and seeing patients. Tips and tricks to record and prepare what you are recording based on the patients you see in the office are also a part of this section.

Day 11 - Storytelling

You will learn how storytelling and analogies can not only help you treat patients better but also help with video creation. 

Day 12 - Asking For Reviews

You will learn how to easily and automatically ask for and get online reviews on platforms like Google. I also share apps and technology to ease this process. 

Day 13 - Using Reviews In Your Practice

It isn’t just getting the reviews but getting them in front of your prospective and current patients that is important. That is why you will learn great ways to use your reviews.

Day 14 - Shock & Awe

You will learn how to set up a package to WOW your patients before they come and see you in the office. 

Day 15 - Using Virtual Assistants

You will learn different options for virtual assistants to use your time more efficiently and get home sooner. 

Day 16 - Pareto Principle

This is the focus on 80/20, and you will learn the most significant changes that can have the biggest results in your practice in the remainder of the areas in your practice. 

Day 18 - 80/20 - Time Management

You will learn great time management techniques to get more done faster.

Day 19 - 80/20 - DME (Durable Medical Equipment)

You will learn ways to increase your DME in your office. 

Day 20 - 80/20 - IOD (In-Office Dispensing)

You will learn ways to improve dispensing products in your office for maximal profits. 

Day 21 - 80/20 - In-Office Procedures

You will learn the best procedures to perform in the office and how to do them effectively and efficiently. 

Day 22 - 80/20 - EMR (Electronic Medical Records)

You will learn the best tips for being more efficient when working on your medical records to get home faster. 

Day 23 - 80/20 - Orthotics

You will learn the best tips for orthotics and there is a link to a great interview with Walt Ellis about prescribing more orthotics. 

Day 24 - 80/20 - X-rays And Ultrasound

You will learn how to do more x-rays and ultrasounds and how to charge for cash-pay services.  

Day  25 - 80/20 - Non-Covered Procedures

Many services are not covered in our practice. Shockwave treatment and other procedures can be difficult to have patients accept. Here you will learn how to do more of these cash-pay treatments in your practice. 

Day 26 - 80/20 - Vascular Studies

You will learn how to incorporate vascular studies in the office and an approach to systematically schedule patients in the office.

Day 27 - 80/20 - Outpatient Surgery

You will learn tips for doing outpatient surgery with an excellent patient experience. 

Day 28 - 80/20 - Content Production

You will learn how to easily produce content and reuse that content in different forms for marketing. 

Day 29 - 80/20 - Personal & Business Success

You will learn how to have a work-life balance. 

Day 30 - Conclusion & What’s Next

You will learn some final tips to help improve your practice. 


Course 2 - Webinars for Patient Engagement and Profit ($3,000 Value)

In this course, you will learn how to set up your first webinar, how to successfully use it to educate your patients, and how to use it for marketing. You will also get access to 10 premade webinars to edit and share with your patients. These include video recordings of the webinars being done live on Zoom. 

Here are the sections:

  • Introduction 
  • Technology - What technology is needed to do your first webinar.
  • Before, During & After - The entire process of setting up and marketing your first webinar. 
  • Who Can Do It For You - Using staff and outsourcing to set up your webinar.
  • Creating A Plan - This is the plan I use to set up and give a successful practice webinar. 
  • How to Announce Your Patient Webinar - Steps to market and get people to watch your webinar. 
  • Successful Patient Webinar Toolkit - Here are all the steps to make your webinar successful.
  • Post Webinar Marketing Process - This shows you how to use the webinar as a marketing tool to educate and gain more patient visits. 
  • Webinar Creation Framework - This is the framework used to set up your webinar. 
  • Recommended Resources - Here are other resources and technology that can make your webinar easier. 
  • Course Wrap-Up
  • Download Done-For-You Patient Webinar Templates - You will get access to all my previous proven webinars for your use as a template to modify and use. 
    • New Treatments for Ugly and Ingrown Toenails
    • All About Bunions
    • All About Achilles Tendonitis
    • All About Flat Feet
    • All About Plantar Fasciitis
    • All About Stiff Big Toes
    • All About Dance Injuries
    • All About Neuromas
    • All About Foot & Ankle Arthritis
    • Heel Pain Workshop


Course 3 - Patient Presentations ($7,500 Value)

In this course, you will get patient PowerPoint presentations for you to use in practice as well as training on how to effectively impediment using presentations. These have taken 10 years and thousands of hours to develop. 


You will learn…

  • How to use presentations in your practice.
  • What technology is needed in your office.
  • How to make a linktree for convenient presentation access.
  • How to use these to increase billing and revenue in your office. 
  • How to record the presentations into videos for patient education and marketing. 


What do you get?

  • 40 presentations to use in your practice, saving you thousands of hours of time.
  • Video recordings of the presentations to learn how to present to your patients. 
  • Example checklists and treatment evaluator templates to modify for your practice. 
  • Resources to help train your staff about treatment options and protocols for your practice.
  • Access to edit the presentations and make them your own or use mine to save you time. 


What conditions?

  • Achilles Tendonitis

  • Advanced Treatments

  • Arthritis

  • Athlete's Foot - Tinea Pedis

  • Bunion

  • Charcot Foot

  • Corns & Calluses

  • Correct Toes

  • Diabetic Exam (CDFE)

  • Equinus

  • Flat Feet (Pediatric)

  • Flat Feet & Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction

  • Flexor Hallucis Longus (FHL) Tenosynovitis

  • Ganglion Cyst & Mucoid Cysts

  • Gout

  • Haglund's Deformity

  • Hallux Limitus

  • Hammertoes

  • Heel Fissures

  • How to cut your toenails

  • Ingrown Toenails

  • Intermittent Fasting

  • Matrixectomy

  • Metatarsalgia

  • Nail Fungus

  • Neuroma

  • Orthotics

  • Os Trigonum

  • Peroneal Tendon Pain

  • Pes Cavus (High Arch)

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Plantar Fibroma

  • Plantar Plate Tear

  • Porokeratoma

  • Pre-Surgical Discussion

  • Regenerative Medicine

  • Sesamoiditis

  • Sever's Disease

  • Ultrasound

  • Wound (Ulcer)

Here’s what you’re getting with the Practice Mastery Academy program:

  • All 35 videos included in the 30-Day Practice Blueprint with over 9 hours of training to boost your practice over the next 30 days ($3,000 value)
  • Get full access to the Patient Presentations course that walks you through how to make and start using presentations in your practice. You get pre-made slides that you can use to generate thousands of dollars of more revenue each month. ($7,500 value)
  • The Webinars For Patient Engagement and Profit course will show you examples and guide you step-by-step to set up your webinars and offer them to your patients ($3,000 value)

BONUS 1 - Masterclasses on Biopsies, Ultrasound ($3,000 value)

BONUS 2 - 10X Your Google Reviews ($1,000 value)

BONUS 3 - Only the Best Interviews ($1,000 value)

BONUS 4 - Resident Resources including contracts and lectures ($1,000 value)


Total value for this amazing training: $19,500

Yours today for just $197/month

Get Started Today


If all this did was…

  1. Give you one new idea with extra income from current patients.
  2. Allow you to get home and be with your family.
  3. Help you dispense 2 more pairs of orthotics. 

 Then it would have been worth it.


You're seconds away…

When you log in to the private members' area, you’ll be able to access the entire Practice Mastery Academy program and begin watching video training immediately.

You can take the course on any device you like: computer, tablet, cell phone. 

As long as you have internet access, you have the course!

Oh and by the way, as long as you subscribe you get access to this material - even if I update and add to it in the future.


There are 2 types of people...

Some keep thinking and never take action, and others invest in themselves and take action and reap great rewards.

Don't just sit around hoping your practice improves; join today to get everything you need here. 

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Imagine a year from today…

You have a successful practice. Your revenue has gone up, and your confidence has gone up with how to practice.

You are being envied by everyone in your town, and you can help others get better.

You can earn more ethically and feel good about helping patients while making great profits. 

Great marketing and sales skills are not taught in residency; you must learn them and apply them.

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This is for you if…

  • You like to take action. 
  • You will use these resources ethically to make yourself better. 
  • You want to produce more in your practice. 
  • You want to work smarter and not harder. 
  • You want to earn more revenue with the patients you have. 


This is NOT for you if…

  • You want a quick fix option. 
  • You don't like learning. 
  • You won't implement anything. 
  • You won't try anything new.
  • You're not willing to invest in yourself. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Dr. Neil Baum

Doctors are in need of helpful hints on how to become more efficient and productive doctors. Unfortunately, we have limited time for lectures, seminars, and videos. Dr. Pelto's videos are short and full of suggestions for improving our practices. I highly recommend them.

Joseph M. DiFranco, DPM

After working my first 14 years for various hospital systems, this last 2 years starting a private practice has been a huge leap of faith. Your practice is inspiring. It shows me that I can be successful in this model and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

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