#013: Weekly Update


  •  Use EPAT for bone marrow edema and fractures
  • Use Amnio and EPAT combination. Base it on the Ultrasound damage to explain to patient. 3 sessions of EPAT and at the 2nd session do the Amnio after the EPAT. 
  •  Consider using a scribe to reduce stress and help you remember to do CDFE and ABIs in office
  • Scribe Introduction Wording - "I am now using an assistant to help me with my notes. He is in my pocket and his name is Murali. I do that so I can give you more attention instead of looking at the computer. You may have been to a doctor in the past that has looked at the computer your whole encounter instead of at you. I didn't want to do that and that is the reason I am using a scribe."
  • Next Masterclass filled up for June and those that are part of Practice Mastery Academy will get a link for the webinar at it will be added to the Academy after the event. 
  • For ulcer patients with proper documentation collagen can be dispensed every 2 weeks. 
  • Fast Track - consider having special treatments for those that want to get better faster. You can do this for heel pain patients, fracture patients, athletes. 
  • Membership - If you have a salon in your office consider setting up a membership for the customers. 


I am considering a "New Associate Training Course" if you have an associate that would benefit from this reply to this email and I will send you information. 

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