PPM Weekly Update - August 30th, 2021

weekly update Aug 25, 2021

PPM Weekly Update - August 30th, 2021

Membership (Join Membership and get great resources to grow your practice) - https://www.podiatrypracticemastery.com/products/podiatry-practice-mastery-membership/categories/2147902815/posts/2149685573

Podiatry Practice Mastery Videos (Watch current interview with Jason Kraus) - https://podiatry.com/news//subcat/Podiatry+Practice+Mastery/Practice+Management

Arche Healthcare (Here is Jason’s company) - https://archehealthcare.com/

Zoom Background (Get instructions here) - https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/210707503-Changing-your-Virtual-Background-image

Super World Comics (Cool website of a different industry that makes about 50K during a Facebook live event weekly) - https://www.superworldcomics.com/

Free Phone Consult (Great way to offer advice on your time) - https://www.achillesclinic.ie/takl-to-a-podiatrist-form-fill-website

Foot Treatment Checklist (Make your patient interaction easier for patients to know what they need to be doing)


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