#010: How to get insurance to cover AFO's - Interview with Doug Richie

May 09, 2023

In this interview with Doug Richie the big takeaways are the following:

- When prescribing AFOs use guidelines from Medicare as the standard for AFO coverage.

- The useful lifetime of an AFO should be 5 years.

- There are other types of DME items in the Same or Similar description categories that can make prescribing braces more challenging in private practice. 

- There is a Medicare portal to determine if patient has received DME in the past 5 years. 

- If there is a different device make sure it is documented why is medically necessary in your charts and be prepared to file an appeal when denied. 


Here is Richie Brace's site for referenced material - https://richiebrace.com/physicians/billing-and-coding

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