What's FollowupThen been up to?

Have you been super forgetful of things that needed done or you wanted a personal assistant to check in on things without the hassle of hiring one?

Check out FollowUpThen.

FollowUpThen is an email reminder, sms messaging, and personal follow-up assistant platform where you can send yourself reminders of simple tasks, follow up with clients or patients, and more!

You can use any email platform and include FUT in the copy portion of the email with the future time that you'd want the reminder of the context within the email.

(i.e. To: [email protected]

Bcc: [email protected])

You can also schedule later for reminders that you'd need in the future.. it's an external reminder for things that you'd normally forget.

There are 3 price tiers:


  • 50 active reminders/month

Base - $4/month:  Unlimited + Skills

  •  Unlimited followups
  •  Purchase premium Skills
  •  Recurring followups
  •  Attachments
  •  Calendar feed
  •  Email-Based Actions

Team - $4/month per user - Team productivity

  •  Everything from Base Plan
  •  Unique skill budgets per member
  •  Centralized billing
  •  Team data ownership


If this interests you, check out www.followupthen.com where you can see how it works, learn how to get started and much more!

Thanks for tuning in!



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