[Interview] with Elise Hamann on how to get more Shockwave patients

Feb 28, 2023

Do you have an EPAT machine at your office but you realized that it is barely used?

Well I spoke with Elise Hamann of CuraMedix and we discussed how to present shockwave to patients more effectively and how to get more use out of the equipment. 

Here are some resources I have put together on shockwave you may enjoy - https://www.podiatrypracticemastery.com/shockwave 

More about CuraMedix - https://www.curamedix.com/ 

"Non-invasive, regenerative shockwave and EMTT from CuraMedix work on their own, in tandem with one another, and as a complement to biologics increasing the efficacy of orthopedic clinical procedures."

Here is Elise's email if you'd like to get in touch with her:

Email - [email protected]



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